Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Prevent Breakdowns Before they Happen!
Here are some helpful preventative maintenance tips

Check your Oil, Check your Oil, Check your Oil! We have found several cars very low on oil. Oil change intervals have substantially increased over time because of various improvements. It is not uncommon for vehicles to burn oil. However, some burn more than others and with many miles between oil changes it can spell disaster! If your car has over 80k miles avoid costly repairs and remember to check your oil regularly or simply ask to have it checked if you use a full service fuel station. Better yet... just stop by and see us and we'll be happy to check your oil for you!

Check your Tires Before you head out, visually check your tires to make sure they are not low with air. Changing temperatures can cause tire pressure to run low, causing poor gas mileage and dramatically shorten the life of your tire. Also, having the proper tread on your tires allows for the best traction with slippery conditions.

Check Engine Light is Extremely Important It is a common misconception that when a Check Engine Light comes on, it is not a time sensative issue. This is a Myth! When your Check Engine Light comes on, it's your vehicle telling you a component is not working properly and could be causing damage until it is fixed. A flashing light means there is eminent damage being caused to your catalytic converter and stop the vehicle immediately.

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